Co-presidents: Avery Niven, Jessica Abraham, & David Wiles

BACON, Charlottesville High School’s Best All-Around Club of Nerds, was established in 2010 with the sole mission to become a haven for high school students to pursue their STEM interests beyond their classes. Since then, it’s grown from a handful of students to a diverse range of subgroups, comprising many fields of science and technology.

Over the years, BACON has participated in numerous competitions, community events, and demonstrations. At BACON, there’s truly something for everyone, from the student who wants to design a robot to one who hopes to investigate ways to make our community more environmentally conscious. Additionally, while BACON has many subgroups that remain constant year after year, it still retains its founding model, encouraging any curious students to create their own projects.

Although many facets of BACON are continually transforming, one factor remains constant: the club is run (almost) entirely by students. BACON promotes leadership among members, while also granting autonomy not experienced in a traditional classroom setting. However, it’s worth mentioning that BACON students rely on our mentor, Dr. Matthew Shields, for inspiration, guidance, and advice.

BACON is many things, but at its core, the club is community driven and focused. Internally, this means we foster a diverse group of students with the vision to expand their understanding of STEM (and occasionally win stuff). Outside the club, our goal is to promote science and technology by engaging all members of the Charlottesville community, both young and old. We’re eager to show off our projects at local events, visit elementary and middle school classrooms, and encourage all to recognize the power and value of science.

Hi, I’m Avery, and I’m so excited to be one of BACON’s co-presidents this year! I’m a senior here at CHS, and this is my third year as a member of BACON. I compete on BACON’s Science Olympiad and Science Bowl teams, and I love science, specifically chemistry and biology. My other interests include Latin, Greek, and music—I sing in multiple choirs, both at CHS and outside of school. In my free time, I like to read and play with my dogs and cats. Even though we are running a bit differently than normal, I know that this year of BACON is going to be awesome!