This coming April, 32 members of BACON will be taking a trip to the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at the European Center for Nuclear Research (CERN), in Geneva, Switzerland. This ten-day trip will include visits to Paris, Besançon (Charlottesville’s sister city), as well as Geneva. Check out the video to learn more: CERN Trip 2012!

This trip will expose us to some of the most advanced physics research going on in the world. In fact, the LHC just made the news when scientists announced they had found “hints” of the Higgs boson, sometimes known as the “God Particle,” which may explain why things have mass (full story here). The announcement was tentative, but LHC scientists say they may have conclusive data by next summer.

Aside and apart from the groundbreaking physics research, the CERN Trip will provide the enriching educational benefit of developing transatlantic relationships and experiencing foreign cultures. We will participate in a home-stay with high school students in Besançon, which is Charlottesville’s “sister city,” and sight-see in Paris. Every day of this trip is an amazing opportunity.

Unfortunately, the CERN Trip will cost around $1700 per student without fundraising, which comes to $60,000 total. We would love to be able to participate, but not every student can afford the cost without without significant fundraising. We would sincerely appreciate any money you can donate to make this dream a reality. To fundraise for the trip, BACON has set up an Indie GoGo Fundraising Campaign here: Please visit and donate what you can!

We have many perks for donations (all listed on the Indie GoGo page), so check it out and you could receive a BACON t-shirt, be listed on the website, or be featured as a donor on our CERN Trip t-shirts!

Please check out the link, and send it to all your friends! And don’t forget to watch the video!


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