This week, our Science Bowl team continued to prepare for their competition on February 5th.  The Science Olympiad teams also continued working on their projects, by either studying or building, for those in engineering events.  On a side note, one of our members is constructing a Ruben’s Tube out of a ten foot pipe.  This science experiment will demonstrate the physical side of sound waves, an idea that is hard to imagine without seeing the waves themselves.  Here is a video of a Ruben’s Tube, credit to Mythbusters.

Sam drills holes into the giant Ruben’s tube for our latest experiment!

  Filip and Noah work on their engineering event by conducting extensive research after their previous tower fell apart.

 Garnett and Jonah team up against Lawrence, Neil, and Jessie while practicing for their Science Bowl competitions.  Charlotte reads off questions to the group, and Doctor Shields listens in to provide insight.

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