2020-2021 Leader: Ben Brantley

Hello! I’m Ben Brantley, and I’m so excited to see what shape this group takes. I fell in love with math in seventh grade, and I’m very eager to share some of the neat stuff out there. In addition to math, I enjoy playing various loud instruments, acting in shows, and spending time with my cats and chickens. I’ll be very open to suggestions over the course of the year since I want to make this fun for everyone, so please don’t hesitate to send a message my way!

MASK, or Math Aficionados Seeking Knowledge, is a group dedicated to exploring the aspects of math one wouldn’t necessarily encounter in the high school curriculum. Ever been curious about modular arithmetic, basic topology, or number theory? Do you have any other concepts you’d like to explore? Then MASK might be the perfect subgroup for you.

MASK is a collaborative space and values members’ input and ideas to guide the direction of the group. There will be presentations on various topics and participants will look at some American Mathematics Competition problems to talk about problem-solving methods. The AMC exam is in February and although participation is entirely optional, it’s an opportunity open for all potential members!

The group is open to anybody regardless of their level in math; the group will be operating on the assumption that members have solid algebra skills but is happy to accommodate anybody that’s interested.